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Thanks to the work of our international operational network are possible to develop programs with local governments that include:


-The on-field diagnosis

-Improvement of the creativeness and design

-Use of local source materials and techniques

-Accomplishment of training programs

-Technical assistance from the production until the marketing

-The valorization of the cultural identity of the product

-Creation of a "corporate image"

-Creation of packaging systems

We apply the following principles to its programs in search of a harmonic and sustainable development:


- Preservation of local cultures

- Rational use of local raw materials

- Preservation of traditional techniques

- Gender Focus

- Minimization of waste \ Pollution

- Reduction of health and environmental hazards

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Understood as an agent of change of the productive reality in a total way and as a catalyst of syncretistic reactions; the designer as an acting element inside the collective system of creation and not as an external protagonist of a process.


We are talking about a global methodology, who can be applied also to help the producers of the western countries like Italy, which are trouble because of the crisis, “In the past, I could see what I did had been a success because the owner of the company got a new car, but the workers were stuck in the same situation. Of course, what I do is just a drop in the sea of problems, but I believe in small revolutions.


Is an acting element inside the collective system of creation, where we discover that, as the project advances, leaving aside the material part of the work, it is in the interactions that occur in the working groups and in the technical and linguistic "contaminations" that the most interesting evolutions develop, it is essential that outside consultants to the community become agents in the dynamics, creating at the same time new product typologies and new professional relationships among artisans.

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